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        Clean-Brite 201 - Alkaline Multi-Metal Cleaner



To our best knowledge, the information and recommendations contained herein are accurate and reliable.  However, this information and our recommendations are furnished without warranty, expressed or implied.  The manufacturer’s sole obligation shall be to replace the portion of the product proven to be defective.  The seller or manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury from the use or possession of this product.

Clean-Brite 201 contains Sodium Metasilicate. Avoid ingestion, inhalation of dust, contact with skin, eyes and clothing.  Keep container closed to avoid excessive moisture absorption.

Spray tank - use at 1 - 3 % and 130 - 190 ˚ F.

Dip tank    - use at 2 - 5 % and 150 - 200 ˚ F.

Allow sufficient cleaning time then while parts are still hot rinse with warm water hot to minimize flash rusting.  For difficult to clean burnt transmissions, Clean-Brite 243 additive is available.  To clean concrete floors, sprinkle Clean-Brite 201 on a wet surface, agitate with a stiff brush, wait 5 minutes then rinse with water.

Clean-Brite 201 is a mildly alkaline powder cleaner designed for heavy-duty transmission case and parts cleaning in a hot spray tank.  It is a very effective degreaser and cleaner for all metals, concrete floors and as laundry detergent for machine and auto/truck repair shops.  Clean-Brite 201 is biodegradable, non-odorous, and low foaming in even severe pressure applications.  Non-corrosive to most metals when used in the recommended concentration range.