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        Clean-Brite 206 - Caustic Electro-Cleaner



To our best knowledge, the information and recommendations contained herein are accurate and reliable.  However, this information and our recommendations are furnished without warranty, expressed or implied.  The manufacturer’s sole obligation shall be to replace the portion of the product proven to be defective.  The seller or manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury from the use or possession of this product.

Clean-Brite 206 contains Sodium Hydroxide that can cause severe skin or eye damage.  Use face shield, goggles and protective clothing when handling this product.  Adding Clean-Brite 206 to hot water may result in excessive boiling; use extreme caution.

Use Clean-Brite 206 at 2 - 5 % and 70 - 150 ˚ F.  An alkaline pre-cleaner is recommended for heavily soiled parts to prevent formation of oil slicks on the tank surface.  This product is compatible with anodic, cathodic or periodic reverse cleaning methods.  Spent solution can be neutralized with sulfuric acid and discharged into the sewer.

Clean-Brite 206 is an electrolytic hot tank cleaner, degreaser and rust stripper formulated for efficient and economical use in the electroplating industry.  Superior conductivity allows for faster cleaning and lower power consumption.  It is non-staining for a wide concentration and temperature range and even when highly contaminated has excellent wetting and rinsing properties. Clean-Brite 206 is non-toxic, biodegradable when neutralized and outlasts most competitive brands by a substantial margin.