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        Clean-Brite 209 - Heavy Duty Hot Tank Cleaner



To our best knowledge, the information and recommendations contained herein are accurate and reliable.  However, this information and our recommendations are furnished without warranty, expressed or implied.  The manufacturer’s sole obligation shall be to replace the portion of the product proven to be defective.  The seller or manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury from the use or possession of this product.

Clean-Brite 209 contains Sodium Hydroxide that can cause severe skin or eye damage.  Use face shield, goggles and protective clothing when handling this product.  Adding Clean-Brite 209 to hot water may result in excessive boiling; use extreme caution.

Clean-Brite 209 should be used at 2 - 5 % and 150 - 200 ˚ F for light to medium cleaning.  For heavy-duty cleaning, degreasing and paint stripping, use at 5 - 10 % and 180 - 200 ˚ F.  Mechanical agitation produces best results without excessive water and heat loss.  SA 4 additive is available to aid in stripping off difficult to remove paints.

Clean-Brite 209 is a caustic hot tank cleaner formulated for heavy-duty cleaning, degreasing, carbon removal, paint stripping and rust removing applications in industries such as engine rebuilding, electroplating and metal fabrication.  This formula will tolerate very heavy dirt load without staining.  It prevents re-deposition of dirt on cleaned surfaces and maintains clean tank appearance.  When properly maintained, it will substantially out-perform its competitors in cleaning efficiency and tank life.  Clean-Brite 209 performs well at low concentration or temperature.  Contains no toxic chemicals, and when neutralized it is completely biodegradable.