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        Clean-Brite 210 - Inhibited Rust and Scale Remover



To our best knowledge, the information and recommendations contained herein are accurate and reliable.  However, this information and our recommendations are furnished without warranty, expressed or implied.  The manufacturer’s sole obligation shall be to replace the portion of the product proven to be defective.  The seller or manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury from the use or possession of this product.

Clean-Brite 210 contains Hydrochloric and Hydrofluoric acid.  Handle with caution, especially when concentrated or heated.  Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing.  Use eye goggles and acid-resistant protective clothing when handling or working with this product.  Store in plastic containers.

Clean-Brite 210 should be used at 10 - 20 % concentration at room temperature.  Fill a plastic tank with water and add Clean-Brite 210 slowly with some agitation (Never add water to strong acid).  Place parts in the tank for a sufficient period of time, remove and rinse with an alkaline inhibited soap like Clean-Brite 201 to prevent flash rusting.  For extended indoor storage, coat the parts with Phos-Brite 262.

Clean-Brite 210 is an inhibited rust and scale remover formulated for heavy duty industrial applications.  It will remove heavy rust deposits in 5 to 20 minutes depending on concentration, but will not etch or dissolve the metal itself.  Extremely effective and non-staining on cast iron or steel, it can also be used on colored metals and stainless steel.