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        Clean-Brite 218 - Aluminum Brightener and Cleaner



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Clean-Brite 218 contains Sulfuric and Hydrofluoric acids, handle with caution especially when concentrated or heated.  Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing.  Use eye goggles and acid resistant protective clothing when handling or working with this product.  Store in plastic containers.

Clean-Brite 218 should be used at 5 - 25 % concentration.  Fill a plastic tank with water and add Clean-Brite 218 slowly with some agitation (Never add water to strong acid).  Warm water will increase the activity rate, which may cause discoloration of some aluminum alloys.  Allow the surface to develop a foam blanket and then rinse with plenty of fresh water.  When used on carbon steel, rinse with inhibited alkaline soap like Clean-Brite 201 to prevent flash rusting.

Clean-Brite 218 is a strong acid cleaner, etcher and brightener designed for aluminum and stainless steel.  It removes oxidation, mill marks and welding residues from aluminum in seconds, rejuvenates old metal and etches new metal prior to painting.  Very effective for removing paint stripper residues on airplanes or aluminum trailers, Clean-Brite 218 is an indispensable tool for aluminum fabrication, airplane repainting and auto detailing.