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        Clean-Brite 242 - Chlorinated Solvent



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Clean-Brite 242 contains a blend of chlorinated solvents which are powerful deffating agents; avoid skin contact.  This product may soften some plastics, swell some rubbers or remove some paints;  test a small area to ensure proper results.

Use Clean-Brite 242 full strength at 0 - 25˚ C.  Can be applied by spray or brush or used in a dip tank.  Allow to air dry or use compressed air.  Clean-Brite 242 can be reclaimed when heavily contaminated using distillation.

Clean-Brite 242 is a chlorinated solvent degreaser designed to replace 1,1,1 Trichloroethylene in all applications except vapor degreasing.  It is non-flammable, leaves no residue upon drying and is safe for ultrasonic cleaning.  Clean-Brite 242 is an excellent product for cleaning and degreasing electrical motors and equipment, valves, hydraulic equipment and many other industrial applications. Controlled evaporation makes this product economical and easy to use.