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        Clean-Brite 248 - Industrial Solvent



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Clean-Brite 248 contains Mineral Spirits.  Use only in well ventilated areas.  Avoid ingestion, prolonged inhalation, contact with skin, eyes and clothing.  Keep away from sources of ignition.  Store in a cool place in the original container.

Clean-Brite 248 should be used full strength at 30 - 80 ˚ F.  Apply using a cloth, brush or spray.  Wipe parts clean with a lint-free cloth.

Clean-Brite 248 is a two-component varsol-based solvent formulated to provide superior performance on all types of soils, stains, waxes, greases and oils.   Works on water soluble stains as well as most oil type stains.  Clean-Brite 248 has lower flammability, more controlled evaporation, lower odor and a wider range of uses than other varsol-based products.