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        Phos-Brite 262 - Corrosion Inhibitor



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Print-Brite 262 contains Petroleum Distillates.  Use only in well ventilated areas.  Avoid ingestion, prolonged inhalation, and contact with skin, eyes and clothing.  Keep away from sources of ignition.  Store in a cool place in the original container.

Phos-Brite 262 can be applied on wet or dry surfaces directly after processing/machining by spray, brush or dip.  The solvent evaporates in about 1 hour leaving a transparent film that can be removed with varsol or an alkaline cleaner.

Phos-Brite 262 is a petroleum based coating designed to prevent corrosion of parts during shipment or storage. The coating protects parts by sealing the surface and repelling moisture and air that cause corrosion. The thin protective film will not chip, peel or crack and remains flexible throughout its lifetime. Phos-Brite 262 contains water displacing and fingerprint neutralizing additives for ease of application and improved final appearance.