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Clean-Brite 218 is a strong acid cleaner, etcher and brightener designed for aluminum and stainless steel.  Removes oxidation, mill marks and welding residues from aluminum in seconds.  Rejuvenates old metal and etches new metal prior to painting.  Very effective for removing paint stripper residues on airplanes or aluminum trailers, it is an indispensable tool for aluminum fabrication, airplane repainting and auto detailing.

Clean-Brite 215 is a strong acid etch and brightener designed for use on stainless steel, glass, ceramics and other chemically resistant materials.  Very effective for etching bath tubs prior to re-coating, removing stains and residues after paint stripping and etching glass or ceramics prior to painting or sealing.



Clean-Brite 210 is an inhibited rust and scale remover formulated for heavy duty industrial applications.  It will remove heavy rust deposits in 5 to 20 minutes depending on concentration, but will not etch or dissolve the metal itself.  Extremely effective and non-staining on cast iron or steel, it can also be used on colored metals and stainless steel. 

Clean-Brite 218 - Aluminum Brightener and Cleaner

Clean-Brite 215 - Acid Etch and Scale Remover

Clean-Brite 210 - Inhibited Rust and Scale Remover

Technical BulletinRequest MSDS

Technical BulletinRequest MSDS

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