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Clean-Brite 209 is a caustic hot tank cleaner formulated for heavy-duty cleaning, degreasing, carbon removal, paint stripping and rust removing applications in industries such as engine rebuilding, electroplating and metal fabrication.  This formula will tolerate very heavy dirt load without staining.  It prevents re-deposition of dirt on cleaned surfaces and maintains clean tank appearance.  When properly maintained, it will substantially out-perform its competitors in cleaning efficiency and tank life.  Clean-Brite 209 performs well at low concentration or temperature.  Contains no toxic chemicals, and when neutralized it is completely biodegradable.

Clean-Brite 206 is an electrolytic hot tank cleaner, degreaser and rust stripper formulated for efficient and economical use in the electroplating industry.  Superior conductivity allows for faster cleaning and lower power consumption.  It is non-staining for a wide concentration and temperature range.  It has excellent wetting and rinsing properties even when highly contaminated. Clean-Brite 206 is non-toxic and biodegradable when neutralized.  Outlasts most competitive brands by a substantial margin.

Clean-Brite 201 is a mildly alkaline powder cleaner designed for heavy-duty transmission case and parts cleaning in a hot spray tank.  A very effective degreaser and cleaner for all metals, concrete floors and as laundry detergent for machine and auto/truck repair shops.  Clean-Brite 201 is biodegradable, non-odorous, and low foaming in even severe pressure applications.  Non-corrosive to most metals when used in the recommended concentration range. 


Clean-Brite 209 - Heavy Duty Hot Tank Cleaner

Clean-Brite 206 - Caustic Electro-Cleaner

Clean-Brite 201 - Alkaline Multi-Metal Cleaner



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Technical BulletinRequest MSDS

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